I – Ice Cream

Ice cream is perhaps my favorite food. We live within walking distance of an ice cream stand. It’s a neighborhood treat to take a walk to it after dinner on summer nights. Sometimes just one adult will go, with a gaggle of kids in tow, and sometimes I’m taking only my own kids, but we might pass someone else on the way there or the way back. Usually K is on her bike, and I’ve had B in the jogging stroller, but this year I’m wondering if B, now 4, might be too big for the stroller and may want to ride her own bike. I probably better get her out there training!

Ice cream is definitely a trigger food for me though, and I can’t, or shouldn’t, keep it in the house. It’s such a perfect food, I feel like I could eat it for every meal.

Got a favorite flavor? I tend to gravitate towards peanut butter and chocolate chip combinations, but I’ve been known to branch out to an occasional pumpkin or mint chocolate chip on occasion.


2 responses to “I – Ice Cream

  1. Lately I’ve been into raspberry sherbet. But I like peppermint ice cream, although they only have it around Christmas and I don’t generally eat ice cream in the winter. Too much cold at one time.

  2. Peppermint stick, Chunky Monkey, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch or Coffee Chocolate Chunk….mmmm…..

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