J – Just for Fun

Last Saturday we were in the locker room at the Y getting changed for swim class. There was a woman a few years older than me nearby that B, age 4, started chatting with. She said to her, “Do you have any honeys?”.

The woman glanced at me quickly, then said to her, “What do you mean?”.

“Any little honeys,” she explained. I interpreted, “She means children.” Turns out she had two grown “honeys”, but that was the first time I had heard her use that term to describe children. I guess I use it quite a bit!


Last night the after school program that K attends held a Family Appreciation Night, which included a pizza dinner and a talent show by the kids, in grades 1-5. They chose their own little thing to do which included several pairs of kids singing from High School Musical or Jonas Brothers, a dance troupe to Cotton Eyed Joe, a couple of hoola hoopers to “Who Let the Dogs Out?” and even a few solo singers. K had told me she was going to do something for the show, but was mum on exactly what, since she wanted it to be a surprise.

Surprised I was when she was announced as one of the SOLO singers!! My little tiny girl got up on stage and sang “Hello to All the Children of the World” into that microphone in the sweetest, purest voice. I’ve heard her sing the song – her class is doing it tomorrow as part of a concert, but never dreamed she’d take a stab at it on her own, in front of a CROWD, no less! A teary mom was had by all.


One response to “J – Just for Fun

  1. That’s lovely. The Queen has a dance recital on May 3. I only hope she will be as un-self-conscious!

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