N – Nit Picking


Lice eggs.

My captor.

I spent the entire weekend cleaning my house in ways I never had before – vacuuming the mattresses for crying out loud, way too many load of laundry in HOT water, and combing, combing, combing hair, over and over. Our routine is: shampoo and comb hair with the nit combs at night, and manually check, and pull or cut, nits out in the morning. K’s hair has appeared clear for several days now. But B’s hair. Oh my.

But I was sure she was cleared of them this morning. I took her to school for inspection, all set to go to work right after. I felt like I was waiting to hear the results of the Bar Exam (not that I would actually know what that feels like), and it turns out I failed the exam. Again. I was close to tears when we left – it’s official, the nits are bigger than I am.

So we came home, and I shaved B’s head. Well, “shaved” isn’t probably the correct term – I used electric hair clippers like a barber would, and ran it over her whole head. She looks like a little elf, and she couldn’t be happier with her new look. It does look adorable now (note to self: dress her in pink and flowers for awhile), but I worry about the growing out process. But we gotta get her back to school first.

If they find any in her hair tomorrow I will officially go insane.

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