O – Outside at last

Running is my exercise of choice. I don’t get to do it as much now as I used to, or as much as I’d like. But if I’m going to set aside time to exercise, running seems to give me the biggest bang for my sweat bucks. I’ve taken aerobic classes, and spinning classes (well, make that class – I only did it once) and kickboxing classes. And while I enjoyed parts or even all of them, nothing makes me feel as if I’ve actually worked out the same way running does.

When I started running in earnest, it was to keep my weight in check. Actually, it was so I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight. And it worked that way for a long time. Right up till I turned about 30 or so. I ran a few road races to keep it interesting, and did a marathon for charity in 2000. Which I’d love to do again. In all that time, I always ran outside. I’d usually get up early, before work, and head out from my house for a 3 mile loop, even during the winter.

Due to my parenting responsibilities, the only time I can run anymore is during my work day. Also, in my old age I’ve gotten slightly wimpier about the weather. And since there is a small gym at my employer that I can use, I’ve been using the treadmill for my workouts since about November, when the weather just got too nasty to think about going outside (not to mention hauling that quantity of workout stuff back and forth everyday). I hate the dreadmill (as someone I know has dubbed it) with all my being, but I hate what lack of exercise does to my body and my psyche even more. So I’ve been doing it.

Until today, when I finally ran outside for the first time in nearly six months! It was glorious to be out in the sunshine. Running outside feels different from running inside, and my workout stuff wasn’t as sweat-sopped as usual. It was a very nice change of pace to feel the sun and the wind. I’m looking forward to a lot more of this in the coming weeks and months as the weather (hopefully) gets nicer and nicer.


One response to “O – Outside at last

  1. Are the nits gone??? Did the shaving work??

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