S – Serenity Now

Remember that old Seinfeld episode where George’s father screams “Serenity Now” to calm himself down?

I need a dose of serenity. Now.

Despite my erratic attempts at simplifying and decluttering our lives, we seem to only fall farther behind. It is quite literally making me crazy.

So crazy, that tonight when K asked if we had any plans for tomorrow (aside: today was a big outing to the New England Aquarium), and I said I expected the living and dining rooms to be cleared of all the toys that have accumulated, and she responded with a whine, I lost it. After screaming so long and so loud (my throat actually hurts from screaming), I had to take myself out of the room for a few minutes to calm down. NOT good.

While I was away, B took it upon herself to clean up the books and clothes that had been littering their bedroom floor just moments before.

Bless her little heart – she can be so sweet.

When I returned, I apologized profusely to both of them. I shouldn’t have lost it like that. But I don’t feel any less crazy about the condition of our house or my life.

Serenity Now. Serenity Now. Serenity Now.


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