T – Time

Time. “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Ever hear that one? It’s so true. And the corollary is true as well – when you’re not having fun, time drags on….and on….

As a parent to young children, I find it amazing how differently I see time now. During my childless 30’s most of the years blended together – it’s hard for me to remember was it this year, or that year, that I did such-and-such? I wasn’t changing all that much. I use the various and sundry jobs I held during a good part of those years as a sort of marker for that period of my life.

Children sure change things. They change so much! Photos from the same event (Christmas, a birthday) from one year to the next can practically be of a different child! And the things they can do – the obvious things like walking and talking, but more! Six months ago I was concerned about K’s apparent lack of reading skills – now she is reading anything and everything in sight – my hope is restored that she’ll be a “reader” (meaning a kid who seeks books out as a means of entertainment) after all.

Children also can slow time down. Particularly with very young children, who have high physical needs and demand a lot from parents in the way of entertainment, a day can feel like a week. Today was one of those days. It was a perfect spring day here, which definitely helped. K spent a good part of the day playing with neighborhood kids. One of the things I love about where we live, in fact. But B is really too young to play with them, so she “helped” me clean up the yard. And talked incessantly about, well, nothing, the entire time. My ears began to hurt from the pain of listening to her voice.

I’ve said it before, and no doubt will say it again: the days crawl, but man those years fly.


One response to “T – Time

  1. I heard it phrased this way: “The years fly by, but a mother can gag on a day.” amen and amen.
    I can’t believe you’re at T already. I missed a lot in a week, but it sounds like you’ve had a heck of a time. I’ve decided that spring fever has invaded all our children, or Satan unleashed a horde of demons, because EVERYONE I know both personally and through blogging is having trouble with kids, even kids that are ordinarily angelic (not that I know what that would be like). Hopefully this too shall pass.
    I was childless and employed for most of my 30s too, and I too use the jobs I had to figure out what I was doing what year.

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