U – Unbelievable

Hooo, we’re getting down there in the alphabet! April 21 and U!

Today U stands for unbelievable. One week post “Extreme Haircut” I get a call from B’s school that they found some nits in her hair. I had to go pick her up. Deja vu all over again. My washer has been going non-stop….again. I asked them to check me, since I can’t see my whole head – fortunately they still found nothing. K reported that she was checked during a school-wide check today as well, so if it’s just B, it’s not soooo bad. I gave her another haircut, and during a quick stop in the grocery store late this afternoon she was referred to as a boy by the cashier. Is it bad of me that I didn’t bother to correct her (B didn’t hear)?

I am praying they let her in, and then that she makes it through the day at school tomorrow – I really can’t take having her home with me all day while I’m working – it is very bad, some might say UGLY, for our relationship.

Lice be gone!

(there, that ought to do it……right?)


One response to “U – Unbelievable

  1. Oh dear. You have had a time of it. I loved her buzz cut and I would not have thought she was a boy from it. Then again, when the Queen was little I could have her in flowery pink dresses and people still wanted to know what “his” name was. “LICE BE GONE.” There you go, it’s coming from north and south now, so that ought to do it.

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