W – Weight

Like many women, I struggle with weight issues. I feel like I have had them all my life. When I mentioned that, in those words, to my step-mother not long ago, she was aghast. “You don’t have a weight problem!”

Maybe it’s more of a food problem.  Since by most people’s standards, she’s right. My weight is in the healthy range for my age and height. The top of the range, mind you, but in it nonetheless. Though I would like to weigh less, I’m not fat. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

But I do have issues with food. Food is my drug of choice. I’m happy, I eat. I’m stressed, I eat. I’m feeling unloved, I eat.  And we’re not talking broccoli and carrot sticks here (although I do like those things!). No, it’s chocolate and ice cream, primarily. I’ve actually recently made a conscious decision to stop buying ice cream at the supermarket. Otherwise it’ll come home, and we’ll all have a bowl for dessert after dinner. Then after the kids go to bed, I hear it calling to me, so I’ll have another bowl. Sometimes I haven’t even swallowed the first bite and I know I’m going back for more. There is something about ice cream that really does it for me.

This week I’ve decided to change the way I think about food. Food is fuel for my body, nothing more. It can’t comfort me when I’m sad, or love me. I know if I stop using food this way I will drop a few pounds without doing anything else. And with summer coming, that can only be a good thing. Plus, I will look forward to going “shopping” in my own closet!

Do you like your weight? If not, have you ever tried to change it? What works, what doesn’t? What do you struggle with?


3 responses to “W – Weight

  1. The only thing that has ever worked for me has been increasing exercise. Although back when I had an outside the home office job and was going out for lunch every day, I quit drinking a coke and starting drinking water. That was the only change and I lost 5 pounds in a month. But boy, did I miss my coca-cola. We don’t buy it for the house because between the two of us we can finish a 2-liter at one meal.
    Good luck. When you need encouragement, blog buddies are at your service!

  2. Exercise used to be my magic bullet – I couldn’t understand why everyone wouldn’t do it! I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I ran 4-5 days a week (which I was happy to do). Then I hit oh, about age 35. The magic was gone. I now have to actually eat less! Which is hard.

  3. I didn’t have to do much of anything until about 35. I’m 45 now, and while eating less doesn’t really work, the AMOUNT of exercise required has increased. Not that I have increased it, but that’s what it will take.

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