Picture Me

I’ve been so good, staying away from meme’s all month in honor of NaBloPoMo, that since I’m through the alphabet, I’m taking a fun break with a little picture meme. I got this from Janet – the rules basically say to go to a photo sharing site (Photobucket, Google Images, etc) – type in the “question”, and choose an image (from the first page if possible) as your answer.

Here are mine:

Relationship Status
single mom!
Current Mood
Favorite Band/Artist
Jimmy Buffet

Favorite Movie
Ferris Buellers Day Off
My Pet
Where I Live
New England NFL

Where I Work
Information Technology

What I Look Like
im brunette
What I Drive
Honda Pilot
What I Did Last Night
Red Sox
What I Should Have Been Doing
Printer stand after decluttering
Favorite TV Show

What I’m Doing Today
My Name (blog name, that is)
1994 C4 Torch Red ragtop

Favorite Candy
Dark Chocolate

2 responses to “Picture Me

  1. Thanks for playing! I totally laughed out loud at your pet, though I know it’s no laughing matter and it’s only a matter of time before we can add those to our list of critters.
    Is that your actual car? It’s so gorgeous. I love Buffet, too.

  2. No, that’s not my actual car, although I did used to own a little red ragtop (a Mazda Miata) that in my opinion was much cuter than that one. Boy those were the days!

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