Ta Da!

I did it! Posted everyday in April – wahoo for me!  Now I slink back into the corner as I wait for November to come, since I don’t think I can commit to posting everyday till at least then – oh, the pressure!

Anyway, I did want to follow up on our doctor visit today. First, let me say I love this doctor. She is just so real. And she spent oodles of time with us. Anyway, she listened to my long description of B’s behavior and said we should definitely have her evaluated. A team of folks would watch her at school, maybe at home, and come up wit some suggestions for the teachers, for me, on dealing with her. I did say that I had been considering a home-based day care for B, but she said that her own son attends an integrated pre-school with children with special needs, and even though he doesn’t receive special services, there are that many more teachers in the classroom who have been specifically trained to deal with some of the behaviors he exhibits. I know my town offers something similar – unfortunately it’s only 2.5 hours each day, which will not work for us. But I’m getting way ahead of myself! Mostly I want to know if I just have an extremely active and determined child, or whether there is really something “wrong”. I will also check out “Raising Your Spirited Child” – can’t hurt, right? (thanks Janet!)

In other news, I hope Jason Castro goes home tonight on American Idol.


2 responses to “Ta Da!

  1. “Raising Your Spirited Child” is one of those books that sets off light bulbs. Both my kids are spirited, each in a different way. I couldn’t have survived without it and recommend it highly.

  2. I’m glad it went well and you’ve found a good doctor. Some of them just seem to make things worse.

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