Who’s got the button?

I took last Friday off work and got my hair cut, and then did a little shopping, since I had the luxury of all that time to myself to browse, try things on, and actually hear my own thoughts as I debated what to buy.

After all that, I only bought two new shirts for myself. I’m wearing one of them now. It’s a shirt that buttons up the front. It’s nice, I like it.

But when I was cutting the tags off there was a little pouch with a spare button in it. I confess, I used to save all these in my jewelery drawer (which is really more like a junk drawer in my bedroom, but that’s another post). One day I threw out all those orphaned buttons, because c’mon, if I ever needed to replace one, it would take pawing through them all to find the right one, if I even could.  So I threw this one out as well. I have no spare buttons in the house.

Do you keep all those spare buttons that come with new clothes? If you do, where do you keep them? Have you ever actually used one to replace a missing or broken button on the original item of clothing?

In separate news, I culled out 12 pair of pants and 18 sweaters and sweatshirts from my own closet on Sunday…and I still can’t see a difference! So no, I don’t feel bad about letting a little button go….


3 responses to “Who’s got the button?

  1. I did almost exactly the same thing with my pouches of buttons…I popped them into my bedroom “junk” drawer. About a year ago, I gathered up all the buttons, took them out of their pouches and bags and saved them all in one bag. And I actually used some of them a while back when I was catching up on mending.

  2. I thought about doing that. When I was a kid my grandmother had this wooden box (that I think my grandfather made) that was filled with various buttons in all sorts of cool shapes, sizes and colors. It was fun just to dig your hands in it. When my grandmother died, one of my cousins claimed that as her item since it had such memories.

  3. I save them all. Very occasionally I have actually replaced one, but I mostly use them for craft projects.

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