Mother’s Day Aftermath

I hope all the mothers out there had a very nice Mother’s Day!

Just wanted to share a few things about mine. My birthday was a month ago, and the kids barely noticed. I had to remind them on the day since they were ignoring me. Shows what a difference having another adult to prompt them can make. Thank you, teachers!

B had her gift for me all wrapped and ready to give me on Tuesday. I insisted on waiting till Sunday to open it. K was so excited all week and kept saying she wished “today” were Mother’s Day — all week long. It was cute, and made up for my disjointed nose last month.

B’s gift was a “fill in the blank” they had done at school, with the teacher’s help, of course:

My Mom is 60 years old.  [um, not true!]

My Mom likes to cook different stuff! [I wonder what she had in mind here….]

My Mom always says “Don’t touch” [sadly, this is only too true!]

My Mom is funny when she’s in the car! [sometimes, I suppose….]

My Mom makes silly faces and goes to work when she drops me off at preschool. [the only way I have a prayer of her not screaming as I go]

I love my mom because she’s my mommy! [what better reason?]

K gave me several things – one was a clay pinch pot she had made in art class, and then painted. It’s really beautiful, of course! She has a real eye for colors and patterns. She also made a self-portrait done in markers. This is hysterical – I should scan it in actually. She is missing a few teeth and in her depiction of this in the picture she attempted to draw her missing, and new teeth with the ragged ends, and the picture looks more like she has monster teeth – very cute! Of course I love it.

We went to lunch at McDonalds (the Southwest Salad is back!!!), then found a new ice cream place that was yummy. Then swung into Target which was supposed to just be to buy a baseball bat for K to practice with at home, and of course ended up picking up way too many other things. Bats were a lot more expensive than I thought they’d be! Back home to practice a bit, then we headed out to dinner so I could get fried scallops, which are among my favorite food. Bath, bed, and then the Survivor finale for me. I am so bummed Amanda didn’t win!!

All in all, I don’t think I could have asked for a better day.


One response to “Mother’s Day Aftermath

  1. That does sound like a lovely day. I’m looking forward to the crafts my kids will bring home. My mother still has all the awful things we made her.

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