Update on B’s Evaluation

I mentioned in a previous post or two that I had spoken to B’s doctor about her behavior, and how she recommended I call about having her evaluated. Because she is over 3, this is done through the school system. Yesterday was her evaluation and here are my thoughts:

Of course, B was in a good mood. She was charming and engaging. We were led into a room at the school, and she was set up with a bucket of toys on the floor, while I sat at a table to talk with a team of 3 people: a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, and the person in charge. We went over the paperwork I had been sent and they mostly just asked me questions about her, and then B came and sat on my lap and they asked her some questions too, like what is her favorite book, what food does she like, who are her teachers, things like that.

They came to the conclusion that B does not have a “disability”, which is what they would need to have determined for her to have received services through the school. I guess I wasn’t terribly surprised at this, since I know B is bright, and I think after yesterday’s meeting I am thinking she might be even brighter than I thought.

I did ask if they would observe her in her school setting, as her behavior there is much worse than what I see at home. And of course she was in model mode at this meeting so I’m sure they were left thinking what the heck my problem is. While I don’t expect they will suddenly change their mind, I am hoping they might have some additional insights to share with me and her teachers about how best to manage her. I asked about alternate programs in the area that might suit her better, but they couldn’t come up with any.

I came to my own conclusion that I may need some parenting classes or counseling to deal with her. I feel completely stressed out with going in two different directions with my two very different children, and I need help grounding myself, and being able to give them both what they need. Because K is “easier”, I tend to focus more on her. B is more of a challenge for me, but that’s no excuse – she deserves the best mom I can be, and I don’t think she’s getting that right now.

Parenting is not for wimps.


One response to “Update on B’s Evaluation

  1. I guess I’m fortunate in that my problem child is the older one. Although we have the opposite problem. She behaves far better for other people than she does at home. She’s not in school fulltime though, so that could change.

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