It’s Just Another Manic Monday

Remember that song? By the Bangles, I believe. When I was in Basic Training it was popular (early 1986?) and Sundays were our day “off”. We got to sleep in till 6:30 and spend the day waxing our floors, doing laundry, polishing boots and squaring away our bunks and trunks. We also got to listen to music, and that song became our anthem, especially the line “I wish it was Sunday” since that really was the best day of the week.

Just a few random thoughts for today (in addition to the one above!):

  • My friends are getting old! A friend just sent me a link to some family photos from the weekend, and I can’t get over how old her husband looks. Good lord, if he’s getting older, I guess we are too!
  • Sometime over the weekend “they” changed the toilet paper dispensers in the bathroom stalls at work. This I cannot figure out – what was wrong with the old ones?? Money is tight at work these days – folks are being laid off and cost cutting is happening in ways I’ve never seen in my nearly 12 years there. But toilet paper dispensers made the cut?
  • I need to get out more. My mother visited this weekend, and her gift to me was to watch the girls while I spent time with a friend. The whole time I was gone they kept asking her “Why does Mom have to go out anyway? Why does she need any friends? She has us!”

Over and out!

One response to “It’s Just Another Manic Monday

  1. I do remember that song. I loved it. I was working 2 jobs at that point, so it was appropriate. Somewhere I missed the fact that you were in the service. i would have never survived basic training. I’ve never been able to do push ups or run very far.

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