Are You Fit?

I’ve been seeing ads for the Wii Fit all over the place. Question: Do you also have to own the regular Wii machine? Or is it a separate thing of its own? (Do I even really care? I’m not sure…..)

I grew up in Massachusetts – Ted Kennedy has been in the Senate for a year longer than I’ve been on this earth. Politics aside, the man is an institution. I am sad for him and his family about the recent announcement of his malignant brain tumor.

I turned on NESN (our local sports channel) last night in the 8th inning of the Red Sox/Royals game, where Jon Lester thew a no-hitter.  Jason Varitek entered the history books by catching his 4th no-hitter, for 4 different pitchers. It is a great time to be a New England sports fan.

After turning around my eating patterns for a few weeks and dropping a few pounds, I’ve slipped again. I need to get back on track. I feel better, I look better when I eat more healthily, and less. It’s hard. But it’s hard to wear tight clothes and wish I were smaller too. I just need to pick my hard.

Janet – please do let me know what you find out about the rats as a good pet – I’m very intrigued by this. In fact, when I purchased my first pair of hamsters as a child with my own money, I originally set out to buy a rat, after being inspired by the pet rat of a character in a book I had just read. Unfortunately, Grant’s didn’t have any rats, so I settled for the hamsters. But if the rats are non-nocturnal (diurnal?) and can be litter trained (who knew?!?), that would be awesome!

My brain seems to be thinking in snippets lately – off to bed!

One response to “Are You Fit?

  1. My Wii Fit arrives any moment (pre-ordered, thank you!). I’m certain you have to have the Wii base unit first.

    I turned the game on in the 8th inning as well. So incredible to watch this kid and he was so ON. The look on his face after he threw that last pitch made me grin.

    My son (now 25) went through a pet rat phase. Lyle was a good pet and managed to co-exist with 4 cats and a springer spaniel. I was grossed out until I held him; I was never totally comfortable with it, though…I am DEFINITELY a cat person!

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