Cook Me

David Cook is the winner of American Idol!

I love DC. I think he is an original, I enjoy his singing style and, can I just say how freaking adorable I think he is?? His looks have certainly morphed throughout the run of this season, and I really, REALLY like the new look.

Archie blew me away with his “Imagine” performance in Beatles week, but last night it was just meh. I agreed with what DC said last night when he was criticized for not doing a reprise . He said something like, “This is a progression, and I wanted to do something new.”

I must confess I didn’t cast a single vote this season. I am much more likely to buy a David Cook CD than a David Archuleta CD, but I would have been OK with the results going the other way, since it’s hard for me to envision DC in the cookie cutter mold I imagine AI is all about. Still, I’m sure the AI folks are thrilled not to have to deal with stage dad if DA had won.

A huge congratulations to both Davids tonight. And DC, call me!

One response to “Cook Me

  1. At the doctor’s office this morning, one of the nurses was running late because she was upset about the “wrong” David winning. So one of the doctors left the message on her computer that “David Cook REALLY ROCKS.” In really big letters, six lines. Filled up the screen. She was not amused.

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