Get Out of My Head

There is a scene in an episode of last season’s “Heroes” in which Matt Parkman is trying to read Angela Petrellis’ mind (using his power) in order to find out more about a murder and an affair. We hear her mind scream at his mind, “Get out of my head!”.

I know how she feels. My kids want to crawl inside my head. I feel like I can’t have a private thought, ever. Of course they can’t read my mind (at least not yet), but they are so in tune to my mannerisms and routines. It’s maddening sometimes.

This morning we were in a rush (as usual) to get out of the house. I got the girls into the car and was just getting in myself when I remembered something that I’d forgotten to bring (this happens often too). Quickly deciding I didn’t want to take the time to run up and get it, I just said, “Shoot”, almost under my breath. This started an inquisition! “Why did you say ‘shoot'”, B wanted to know. “Oh, I forgot something” I might say. “What?” Sometimes I’ll answer, and sometimes I won’t. Sometimes I just don’t want to get into a discussion about whatever thought just whizzed through my head, especially if it is work related (often), or simply a “grown-up” thing (almost as often). I wish I could train myself to have absolutely no reaction when these thoughts appear, but so far no luck. I sometimes truly do want to shout, “Get out of my head!”

Anyone else ever experience this? Or are my kids just inordinately involved in the minutiae of my life?

One response to “Get Out of My Head

  1. Oh goodness yes, the Queen should be renamed the Grand Inquisitor. She would have done the Pope proud. DeBoy hasn’t started it yet, and he may not because he is always too busy seeking that which he can destroy. But I am learning that I need to be VERY careful about talking out loud to myself, which after 46 years is a very hard habit to break.

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