Introducing….My Children!

After much thought, and a nudge from this post, I’ve decided to formally introduce you to my children. Aren’t you excited? Heart pumping, palms sweaty, all that good stuff? Good!!

Here’s K, who will now be known as Krystal.


And B, who would like to be known as Belle.


Yes, they chose these names for themselves.

More later – a few topics percolating but we’ve got ice skating and baseball to attend to!

4 responses to “Introducing….My Children!

  1. They’re adorable….they both look ready to have some fun!!


  2. They are GORGEOUS! I’m so glad to have nudged you! Love the names they chose for themselves, too!

  3. Oh mah gosh, they are SOOOO CUTE!

    Congratulations on coming out! 😉

  4. Oh, they’re beautiful. I’m so pleased to meet Krystal and Belle. So, this is just a guess, but I’m assuming these pictures weren’t taken on the same day? (I’m quick, I am, eh?)

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