Last Monday, Memorial Day, I put the girls to bed after a busy three day weekend. I had a DVD from Netflix that I hadn’t gotten around to watching, and after surfing the web for a bit, decided to put it in and watch one epidisode of a new (to me) series, and then call it a night.

I put in the Season 1, Disc 1 for “Arrested Development“, and ended up staying up 2 more hours! There was no way I could stop after just one episode!

Seriously, have you seen this show?? If you have not, I highly recommend you check it out. I now have a crush on Jason Bateman, who plays the “one son trying to hold it all together”. I remembered him mostly as Mallory’s baby brother, but I must confess I was a tad disappointed when I learned he is married to Paul Anka’s daughter. Ah, what could have been!

This is a smart, funny show, with a different twist on things. In case you don’t know, the premise is a family business which has been rocked by the arrest of the father for SEC violations, and how his wife and 4 grown children deal with it all. The dysfunction is palpable, but part of the charm. Ron Howard (I almost said Richie Cunningham) narrates the show and the narration is hilarious – dry and obvious at times, which just makes it funnier.

Anyone got any other good shows to recommend?


3 responses to “Arrested….Development!

  1. I’ve always heard good things about that show, but have never seen it.
    We have the first 4 seasons of Monk on DVD. In a year and a half, we’re almost through with season 1. Something about kids who don’t go to bed until 10 pm.

  2. Arrested Development is AWESOME.

    Have you watched Freaks & Geeks? Brings back painful high-school memories, but in a good way.

  3. I second Freaks and Geeks – it is a good one. For something more current and the same wry humor try the actual BBC Brittish version of The Office. The NBC one is good but it has nothing on the original.

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