When I picked Belle up at school today she ran over to her teacher and asked if she could bring “something-something” (I didn’t hear) home today. Teacher said yes, it was in her folder, and she ran over to get it.

While she was getting whatever it was, I asked the teacher about it, and she said that they had been making Father’s Day gifts today, and Belle quietly said, “I don’t have a dad.” While I definitely wish the teachers had remembered and taken this into account before starting the project, it sounds as if they turned it around nicely by telling Belle she could choose anyone to make the gift for. I was truly touched that she chose me!

It’s a laminated bookmark (Belle calls them markbooks, which we have taken to calling them in our house) with fingerprint bees on it, and the teachers wrote “Thank you for bee-ing my Mom!” on it. It’s very cute!

We sat outside after dinner tonight and Belle kept picking me clover flowers and shouting “Happy Mother’s Day!” Hey, I’ll take it!


2 responses to “Father-Mother-Both

  1. sweet-sweet-sweet. And how wonderful of that teacher to recognize that you fulfill both roles!

  2. And THANK YOU for catching the Simon & Garfunkel thing! Now I don’t have to keep doing it. I started it thinking it would be fun, but then as soon as I committed to it, I couldn’t think of appropriate lines. Just like NaBloPoMo. I can post every day unless I commit to it. (What IS wrong with me, anyway?)

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