Catch a Tiger by the tail…

I am not a golf fan.

However, I found myself riveted to the ongoing updates of today’s 18-hole playoff at the US Open between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate (who??).  And to the credit of both men (though especially Rocco), even that round ended in a tie, forcing a one-hole sudden death playoff.

Which Tiger won.

Congratulations Tiger, for winning your 14th major title, which we all knew you were capable of.

And congratulations Rocco, for being an unknown who could give Tiger a real challenge. I’m sure you’re disappointed at losing, but wow, to go so far against a golfer like Tiger Woods has got to be something you can be proud of for the rest of your life.


One response to “Catch a Tiger by the tail…

  1. I watch golf periodically and have been known to play, though not well. I follow Tiger though. He is truly a class act. Actually most golfers are. Other athletes could follow that example. I felt bad for Rocco, but he’s definitely made himself known now, and that is all good.

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