Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We are fortunate to live within a 5 minute drive of a baseball team in the Can-Am league. Don’t get too excited – while these are professional baseball players, they are not in the MLB farm system, and therefore are probably at the top of their own personal game. I shouldn’t make it sound so disparaging – after all, I’ll never play at that level, nor will anyone I know in real life. And it is really cool to be able to go to a baseball game anytime we want. Here we are at the game!

Pride Game

The games are very family-friendly, with a “Kid Zone” on the left field line, inexpensive tickets ($4-$10), reasonably priced concessions, free parking, occasional cool promotional give-aways and fireworks nights. Gosh, when I write it all out like that I want to shout from the rooftops how lucky we are!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon was the finale event for Krystal’s rookie year playing in our local Cal Ripken league which was a make-your-own sundae event outside the stadium, and then a baseball game. All for the bargain price of $4 each. The weather earlier in the day had been dicey – a wicked thunderstorm moved through mid-afternoon, and I wondered if the game would still be on. It was, albeit under still-threatening skies. It actually rained twice ever-so-briefly during the game, and during the second spell we were in the stands with jackets over our heads, while the pitcher stood on the mound in sunshine. And you know what that means!

(anyone know how to rotate that so you don’t have to turn your head???)

The rainbow was particularly cool – it started out on the right as shown in the photo, turned into a full rainbow, then a double on the right, then faded to be stronger on the left, until finally disappearing. It was the most dramatic rainbow I have ever seen.

The girls both enjoyed themselves and the home team won, 10-6. Top that!

2 responses to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  1. Oh COOL RAINBOW!!! How fun. I love to attend baseball games – I really hate watching it on TV.

    As to the picture, if you have Windows, when you open the picture in photo gallery there should be little curvy arrows at the bottom. They turn the picture. Actually, whatever photo program you have should have those arrows somewhere.
    Hmm. Well, I was trying to be helpful. Usually I do better when I can show you.

  2. I’m using a Mac, but the photo appears fine in iPhoto, and I can spin it however I want when I view it on the computer. It’s when I upload it to WordPress that it comes through sideways (which is the way I took it of course). Arrggh! I’m sure there’s a help article out there somewhere!

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