How do YOU do it?

I blog for fun. Sure, I’d like to have more readers. Or, more to the point, I’d like more of those who DO read to actually comment once in awhile! I can tell by my stats that I have more than just Janet reading this thing (thanks Janet!). So before I get to the meat of this post, let me declare my own personal “Delurking Day” – please, please, please leave a comment (did I say please too many times? did that sound too desperate?), especially if you’ve never done so, or haven’t for awhile. It helps to know I’m not talking to the “somewhere out there”.

I imagine, if you’re reading my blog, that you probably have one of your own. So my questions are really, truly for you. And you’ll see that today will be a really good day to comment for the first time!

When you post a new post, do you think about it ahead of time? Do you write it on paper, or in an editor (e.g. Word) and rewrite, edit, rewrite until it’s just right? Or maybe you open up your blog and just start typing, hitting publish only when your fingers stop moving? Or do you do a mix, depending on your topic?

Do you think about posts when you’re out living your life? Do you take notes when something happens, or occurs to you, that you might want to write about later?

Do you have an audience in mind when you post? Is it a particular person, or a particular demographic? Or is it maybe for your spouse, a child, a friend, yourself?

Tell me how you blog – I really want to know!


3 responses to “How do YOU do it?

  1. I guess I fit the category of lurker. I am one who reads a lot and comments little. I blog for me. After reading my friends’ blogs with great interest, I just started using my blog as an outlet. I love it! And I almost never think about who will be reading it. I just assume that no one other than my WSM friends could possibly be interested. I open up the blog, type until I’m finished, then publish. Short and sweet.

    All that said, I really enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I tend to be the “type till you’re done and hit publish” blogger. I have a few in draft mode that I’m stewing over. Mostly I blog to keep up with what the kids are doing and saying. Although interestingly enough, only a few of my family members know about my blog. So I still have to email stuff – and I have to interject this, because even as we speak my 4-year-old just spelled zoo and dog! (she learned to spell her name awhile ago) – So you know you’ll see that.

    Geez, I can’t even answer a simple question without going off in all directions. I mainly blog for myself. My readers have found me accidentally, mainly when I commented on their blogs. (And I have a NUMBER of blogs on my blogroll who do not read me, which is fine, because they have TONS to read already.)

    Occasionally I’ll think about things to write about, then realize I really can’t because of too many identifying factors about where we live. Some things could hurt the Mountain Man’s company because of the politics of the area.

    Um. Did that help at all?

  3. I’m here! I just generally open WordPress and start typing. Except lately I haven’t had much to say. The only time I really plan ahead much is during NaBloPoMo. Then I’m always thinking about what I should write and even typing it up ahead of time…..I can’t blog at work so I’ll put it in an email or word document.


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