Introducing Joey



Call me crazy.

We’ve been away for the last 5 days, visiting our friends out of state. It’s a 400 mile drive, which usually takes in the vicinity of 7 hours, including stops, so we try to go for a minimum of 3 nights. This trip was 4, but I am wiped.

While I certainly have things to share, the biggest news is that we have an addition to the family in the form of Joey, a black chinchilla. The girls have been begging for a pet, and I’ve been resisting, while trying to find one that might fit our lifestyle. My lifestyle, since let’s face it, I’ll be the one doing the bulk of the caretaking and paying for whatever we get.

My friend that we visited had forwarded me her friend’s ad for the chinchilla about two weeks ago, and I immediately said no way. I believe I said it slightly more forcefully, if you get my drift. But when she told me more, I agreed to meet him.

Well, Joey is 9 months old, and has been highly socialized. He appears to be well-mannered and fairly low maintenance. He came with a blue ball that he can run around the house in, which is very funny – he actually hops a little rather than running. And the dust baths which chinchillas take to get clean are fun and funny to watch. I am hero-mom at the moment – the girls can’t stop thanking me for getting them a pet.

I’ll be back with more in a day or two, but definitely wanted to share the biggest news – if anyone has any experience with chinchillas, I’d love to hear it (good, bad and ugly!).


2 responses to “Introducing Joey

  1. Chinchillas are the softest little creatures in the world. I don’t know anything about them as pets, but they are soooooo soft. Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. I don’t know anything about them either, but he is a very pretty little thing!

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