Tuesday Turnaround Tomorrow

Back from the weekend. Not feeling real motivated to write much right now.

The morning after my last post, wherein I decided to open my heart a little and cut my mom some slack, she called me to instruct me how to plan our trip to her house for the weekend. She gave me orders to have the car all packed Friday night so we could just get up Saturday morning and leave. And my hackles went up, up, up. I mean, really!

But I swallowed it, and didn’t say anything. We got to her place by 9:30 Saturday morning (not bad, considering it’s a 2 hour drive and she lives on Cape Cod, which is notorious for summer weekend traffic). And we had a nice enough visit. She took the girls to the beach on her own to give me a break, and then took them on another outing on Sunday while I ran an errand. That was nice. But sleeping 3 of us in one bed was painful and I got very little sleep. Also, the different flora on the Cape does not agree with me, and I could not stop itching my eyes or sneezing the whole time.

And I hate the tone and words of this post but I’m going to publish it, mostly because I don’t want to disappear.

I hope to be back soon with something lighter/more insightful/funnier/more universal/fill-in-the-blank!


One response to “Tuesday Turnaround Tomorrow

  1. I think if you can’t vent on your blog, then what good is it? I thought you showed remarkable self-restraint. Traveling isn’t fun even in the best of circumstances. Both my kids sleep even less well than usual, which is saying something. Cheers to feeling better tomorrow!

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