Our Vagina Chronicles

Oh, I can’t wait to see what kinds of searches turn up hits on this post!

On Saturday Belle complained vaguely that her vagina hurt. I honestly didn’t think too much about it, since she says that from time to time, but never for long. But when she complained again on Sunday I started to take notice. In fact, she said it so often that I had to remind her before we went out that it was something she should whisper to me in the event she felt she had to tell someone, rather than shouting it out for everyone in the ice cream shop to hear.

Monday was a rough day for her at school, and her teacher reported that among other behaviors she stood on her cot during naptime and chanted “My vagina hurts! My vagina hurts!” So much for that little lesson the day before, eh?

But it wasn’t until she got me up three times during the night on Wednesday to complain that I decided I needed to call the doctor. Yes, the same one that sent me to the ER for Krystal last week. (To be fair, it was the nurse, not the doctor, who made that call.)

The triage nurse said it sounded like a UTI, and that I should make sure she had plenty to drink before she came in as she would need to give a urine sample. I called her school to make sure she didn’t pee before I picked her up. I did a little reading on UTI’s myself (both earlier in the week, and then again after scheduling the appointment). I had discounted the UTI thing because she wasn’t peeing any more than usual, had no fever and complained at times other than just when urinating. After being told that’s what it “sounded like” I was dismayed to learn that a UTI before age 5 is considered pretty serious, and additional tests are usually ordered to see if there is an anatomical abnormality causing it.

So when we got to the doctor this afternoon, Belle gave a nice healthy sample, which she declared “bubbly”. The good news: there is no infection. The bad news: what the heck is making her claim her vagina hurts all the time!??!

The doctor inspected her entire crotch area (Is that a better word to use, from a search engine perspective, than genital? Well, I went and used them both so we’ll see!) and pronounced everything normal. She ended up diagnosing “unspecified vaginitis”, which to me says, “she says it hurts but we don’t know why, so it’s all pretty much a guess”. The doctor suggested baking soda baths, mild soap (which we already do), and enforcing the front-to-back wipe technique (which we do for #2, but not #1).

Back at home we had dinner and then got ready for bed. Belle peed twice during this time – once when I said it was time to go upstairs, then again when we got upstairs. I did the baking soda bath for her, and she peed again after that. We got in bed for stories, and when I finished her selection she got up to pee again. And again. She peed 5 times in about 30 minutes, and began whining and crying about how much her vagina hurt the whole time.

And I’m left feeling completely frustrated and helpless. I’ve done everything for her I’m supposed to do. She “shouldn’t” be doing this. I don’t think. I can’t think of anything else to do. I did give her some ibuprofen, as much for the placebo affect as for any pain relief it might offer.

I think she is sleeping now. I am hoping she sleeps through the night (I’m the one who needs it!) and wakes up tomorrow with placebo in full regalia. I’ll let you know! And if you have been through this and have any tips, please pass them along!


2 responses to “Our Vagina Chronicles

  1. Yes, we’ve been through this and we always used hydrocortisone cream……also maybe placebo effect, but it seemed soothing and if there was any inflammation or itching it took care of it.


  2. My goodness, I hope you can find a solution soon. Is it possible she’s reacting to laundry detergent or fabric softener? I knew of one child who had an unexplained rash for weeks and the doctors couldn’t figure it out. Another parent asked her mother what laundry detergent she used (Tide) and said try a different brand, like All Free & Clear or something. I don’t know what she tried but it cleared up the rash immediately. Obviously Belle is not having a rash, but that’s all I could think of.

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