Parenting is a thankless job, but then again…

Tonight when I picked Krystal up from camp she was wearing her sweatshirt by the hood. It wasn’t on, per se, but the hood was over her head and she seemed very invested in balancing it that way as she walked. It started to slip off at one point, and she nervously repositioned it as she came walking down the path towards where I was waiting for her.

“I have to keep this on my head,” she said as she got close enough to talk to me.


“Because I have gum in my hair!” she exclaimed. Sure enough, on one side was the biggest, nastiest, ugliest smeared piece of gummy yuck in her hair. She said she laid down on a picnic table, which some inconsiderate camper had apparently decided was his or her personal gum receptacle.

When we got home I quickly Googled home remedies for gum removal from hair, and decided to try the olive oil method. While that was soaking in we had dinner and Krystal said, “I’m so glad to have you for a mother.” Gosh, what mom doesn’t swoon at words like that?

“Gee, thanks, honey. That’s so nice to hear. What makes you say that?”

“Because some moms would get angry that I had gum in my hair, but you understand when it’s an accident. You understand stuff like that, and I’m glad.”

What could I honestly think or say, but “Wow.” And of course feel guilty for all those times I really do get angry over little things.

For the record, the olive oil worked, though not quite like the “charm” one message board reported. It still took some vigorous combing, but I’m happy to say we didn’t need to break out any scissors.


As a follow-up to Belle’s vagina issues, she had a really rough night last night. She was up for about an hour around midnight, crying and back and forth to the bathroom (and my room) several times. I called the doctor back this morning to report this. The nurse reassured me that her urine really was totally clear and was nothing of concern, that it really was vaginitis. She said the irritation is probably causing the acid in the urine to burn her skin on the way out, which makes her stop peeing before she’s really empty, which makes her have to go more frequently, etc, etc. She suggested squirting water on her as she pees, to dilute the urine as it hits the skin. I went one better and had her just pee in the tub tonight (and then I promptly emptied it!). Unfortunately, when she got in bed she started crying and scratching at herself, so I do think it’s a vicious circle kind of thing. We have always used All Free & Clear laundry detergent and no fabric softeners due to Krystal’s severe eczema, and I may have to try the hydrocortisone (even though the nurse said no creams or powders when I asked). Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions – at this point I’ll happily just take a good night’s sleep!

2 responses to “Parenting is a thankless job, but then again…

  1. Hi again, I forgot to mention one more trick we use for our daughter’s irriations – is Desitin. It help soothes the itch.

  2. We had the gum in the hair the other day. I’ll try the olive oil next time!
    Hope Belle has a better night tonight (and you too!).

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