Dating is not for wimps


I just put myself on the waiting list for a speed dating event!

There was an article in our Sunday paper a few weeks ago about this, and it mentioned an organization I hadn’t heard of. So I went online and checked them out, and they had an event the next week at a restaurant I drive by everyday! But it was full for women, and thank goodness, since it was way too soon for me. But there was one a few weeks from then (and now) at a different place, a little further away, which still had room. I started to register, then chickened out. I emailed the “event coordinator” to ask how long the events typically last (around 2 hours, give or take), but didn’t follow through.

Today I had lunch with a friend who talked me into doing it. Of course now the event is full for women, so I had to get on the waiting list. I’m OK with that. If I end up making the cut I’ll need to line up a sitter and oh, man, what will I wear??? Or talk about???

Pluses of this type of thing:

  • No big time commitment to one man, especially if it’s obvious there is nothing there
  • A chance to meet many men at one time – very efficient
  • An opportunity to see if there is chemistry with someone, and then be excited about seeing him again

Minuses of this type of thing:

  • Thinking up new things to say on 10 first dates in one night!
  • Worrying about how I stack up against the “competition” at the event
  • The cost of the event ($35, which is really not bad) plus a babysitter and time away from my kids during the week, which I try to keep to a minimum
  • The possibility of getting involved with someone who seems great at first, but ends up being not, and how this will impact my kids, not to mention me

OK, I’m going too negative here – time to stop! I’m excited, I’m nervous and probably I won’t even make it into this event. And no, there aren’t any others in the area currently scheduled (closest is about an hour away, which is too far for me to travel during the week). But I’ll keep my eyes open. And I’ll keep y’all posted!

One response to “Dating is not for wimps

  1. This sounds very interesting! I think you make valid points, both with pluses and minuses. You always have to keep the impact on the kids in the back of your mind.
    As for topics to talk about, uh, well, when I met the Mountain Man we were in the midst of doing a play together so we mostly talked about that at first. But that doesn’t help you at all. I’ll try to think of something clever and witty. Then again, you might not want to be too clever and witty because you dont’ want to attract a clown. OK, I’m not being helpful in the least so I’ll shut up now. I should never comment before breakfast.

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