She’s Got Legs!

I had a very interesting experience the other day.

I was with the girls in Wal-Mart. Belle was in the seat in the cart and Krystal was walking behind. The store was semi-crowded, and I had to do some navigation with the cart. A youngish (20’s) man came out of an aisle on the left and nearly bumped into us. He said “Excuse me,” and continued on his way.

Not 15 seconds later, he bumped into us again from the other side, said “Excuse me” again, and I tried to ignore him because 1) I was getting annoyed, and 2) my weird vibe meter was going off.

Then he turned to me and said, “I just want to say you’ve got some nice legs.”

And even though I ignored him, and he never bothered us again, I wasn’t sure whether to be flattered, or offended, or creeped out. I guess I felt all three!

3 responses to “She’s Got Legs!

  1. I’ve found, in life, that if someone for any reason kicks in my “creeped out” meter — just go with creeped out.

    every time I’ve ignored that I’ve ended up regretting it.

  2. That would have creeped me out, too. Glad he disappeared. I’ll admit up front that I am biased against WalMarts in general…I only go in as a last resort. If something like that ever happens again, remember that their security people have cameras rolling on every little bit of WalMart and they would probably have it on tape.

    By the way, I call it going with my gut. And my gut is usually VERY accurate. So, keep trusting your creeped out meter.

  3. Walmart is our only option, so my meter is always at Defcon 5. Ugh. Although, I will admit to just a hint of a sigh that no one comments on my legs anymore. Oh well.

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