Lighter! Cleaner!

It’s time for a light, clean post. Literally!

The floors in my house are primarily hardwood. I had the vanilla carpet pulled up and the hardwood put down before we moved in, partly due to Krystal’s allergies (we didn’t even know about Belle yet, but as it turns out she has asthma, so it was a good choice all around). However, I didn’t have the two flights of stairs or landings done because that would have cost half again as much as the whole house, and I left the playroom, which is basement level, alone, again for cost reasons.

Well, the small area that still has carpet has slowly gotten, shall we say, filthy, over the three years we have lived here. I wish I had a “before” picture to show you, but you’ll have to trust me when I say it had gotten really disgusting. I was embarrassed when people would come to the house, even just the neighbor kids at the door looking for the girls to play. I bought a can of foam carpet cleaner, and I was disappointed but not terribly surprised when that did nothing. I mentioned to a friend that I was thinking about renting one of those carpet cleaning systems from the grocery store and her advice was – don’t bother, just have it done.

That conversation must have taken place about two months ago.

Last Friday I actually made a call to a carpet cleaning place (so I’m a little slow in the execution).

Today they came to clean the carpet. I had already decided that if I didn’t like the results I would have the carpet replaced.

Suffice to say – I am keeping my carpets for awhile. It’s a miracle, I tell you! And I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner. I practically feel like I have a new house. Yay!


One response to “Lighter! Cleaner!

  1. We didn’t put carpets in our house because we both had carpets in previous places and they do indeed get filthy. I rented one of those machines once and it helped, but I think you really have to be skilled at it to make it really work well.
    We have 4 large area rugs that we roll up and take to a local business. They clean them and we bring them home. Very nice.

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