Dog Developments

Well, well, well!

I had a whole post devoted to me on another blog based on my last post, which was humbling and exciting! Rambling Mom had some great advice, as did others who emailed me privately. So here’s a quick update on where we stand:

  • I learned some rescue organizations won’t adopt out their dogs to homes with children under age 10, which rules us out
  • I’ve become completely obsessed with the Adopt-a-Pet site and applied for a puppy I found there, but who is now unavailable (presumably adopted by someone else, which is fine!)
  • I talked to a breeder, and one of the references he provided me, of a Cavachon. The reference had nothing but great things to say, and the breeder was OK. But I was not thrilled to hear that the dog I’d be getting doesn’t live in the house with them, but in a separate kennel with other dogs.
  • I talked to my friend who is a vet today, and she said “puppy mill, puppy mill, puppy mill”, which of course I do not want to support in any way!!
  • I posted a “wanted” ad on Kijiji, which is a free Craigslist-like site (I’m sure Craig would love hearing me say that!), But it was new to me, and even though it doesn’t have as many ads as CL (yet), I like the cleaner look and feel. (I’ve since learned it is an eBay offshoot)
  • Anyway, I got one response to my ad which was full of red flags, including telling me they were located in “Virgin land Cameron” – I have no idea what that means! I got another response from a woman a few towns away from me with Cockapoos and I called her. I got the old “warm and fuzzies” from her, which was sorely lacking in my conversation with the breeder the other night.

Long story short – we’re going to look at Cockapoo puppies tomorrow! Not sure if we’ll bring one home tomorrow, next week, or decide to wait a year, but I’m very excited. It’s not the breed I (think I) have my heart set on, but we’ll see what happens!

P.S. I have a dog name list that is growing exponentially – I wonder what that means!


3 responses to “Dog Developments

  1. in 1972 John Denver put out an album (it was VINYL) named Aerie. The last song on the B side was a 30 second blip named Tools, about a baby rabbit.

    When I heard that song I decided that if I ever had a baby rabbit, I’d name it tools

    In 1968 Star Trek had an episode called Assignment Earth. I can’t recall the year that I saw it in a rerun, but I decided then that if I ever had a black cat, I’d name it Isis.

    At both of those moments in my life, I had no intention of getting the said animal. It wasn’t on my radar. It was just a “well, if I ever …….”

    As fate would have it, I eventually had a rabbit named Tools, and a cat named Isis (though not at the same time).

    I figure once you start picking out names, you’re in trouble.

    And the way I figure it — any time I can find a good reason to put out a post in favor of rescue animals — and if it pushes one person over the edge to go to get a pet from a rescue or shelter — well that’s a day not wasted.

    So even if you get the Cockapoo if someone else gets a shelter dog. (And any time someone doesn’t go to a puppy mill).

    It sounds like you’re doing your homework — I’m sure eventually find your new puppy.

  2. Good luck not coming home with a dog…unless you have lots better will power than I do (which wouldn’t be hard because I have the patience of a flea), I predict the pitter patter of little puppy feet in your near future. P.S. Poodles are supposed to be the smartest of dogs, so here’s hoping these cockapoos are heavy on the poo!

  3. Yeah, i can’t go near a shelter or pet store because I’ll end up coming home with something. Although all the animals I have now either showed up at my door or were found abandoned by me or someone else.
    It probably meant Camaroon in the Virgin Islands. Poor spellers need not apply, thanks.

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