She’s Home!

Welcome to our crazy, chaotic little family, Tessie!

Yes, that would be her sleeping on my feet last night! And we got her yesterday, rather than today, since I decided I needed someone to drive me so I could have her sit in my lap on the way home, and the only person I could find to do it could only do it yesterday. I didn’t tell the girls about the change in plans, so they were extra thrilled when I showed up to pick them up last night with a puppy in my arms!

Some challenges:

  • I haven’t actually had a puppy since I was a child – my dogs as an adult were all over a year when they came to me
  • I’ve never crate trained a dog (when I first heard about it around 10 years ago I was appalled – I’ve learned to see the benefits over the years however)
  • My kids are way too excited to really participate in the training process, meaning things are a bit stressful for me

Some Delights

  • She is freaking adorable!
  • She is so sweet!
  • She loves people! Especially me!

So far I have to say parenting a new puppy is very similar to a child, which has its plusses and minuses for me. Anyway, stay tuned as I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots more about her in the future!


2 responses to “She’s Home!

  1. Yay! Congratulations, Mom! Crate training is easy, particularly if she comes from a crate-friendly birth home. And may I just reiterate that I LOVE her name!

  2. Done properly, a dog looks at his crate like his “cave.” It’s sort of like having his (or her) own room (where she can hide from the kids).

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