If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right

All moms need something to help them keep their sanity. For some it might be a great purse, a cool kitchen gadget or their daily cup of coffee. Hmm, let’s see, I don’t own a purse, barely cook (although I do swear by good knives), and can’t stand the taste of coffee (the smell? that’s another story! yum!).

As for me, I couldn’t live without my DVR. I could be a walking commercial for Tivo, or any cable service offering. I love it so much I want to sing from the rooftops! How do I love my DVR? Let me count the ways:

  1. I can record pre-approved shows for the kids to watch when we’re actually home (since I have not found any appropriate shows for them that air between 5-8 pm)
  2. I can record MY shows, and watch them on MY schedule. This relieves all the pressure of getting the kids down before that 8:00 show starts. If something happens and it’s 8:07 before I come downstairs, no problem! That recording is already started and waiting on me! Try doing THAT with a VCR, when you’d have to wait for the whole show to finish recording, then rewind, to watch. (and hope you didn’t have another show scheduled to be recorded after that!)
  3. And I might even wait till 8:20 or so, so I can zip through the commercials, and still end the show on time!
  4. With my dual tuner, I can even record two shows at once! Or record one show, but watch something else live on another channel. Priceless, I tell you!
  5. I find I’m rarely watching anything live these days, except for sporting events. But if I miss a play, or need to answer the phone, or use the facilities, or get a snack, I can pause. Pause live TV! So awesome!

I could go on, but I don’t want to make all my other appliances jealous. Sure, I could use my scant evening alone time to do something more productive like clean my house, plan meals for the week or read. And some evenings I even do some of those things, for a little while. But I would not want to live without that DVR, which has been life changing for me.

What about you? What can’t you live without?

This post was inspired by Parent Bloggers Network and Yoplait Kids, the makers of that yummy yogurt that kids just love (Belle in particular is a big yogurt fan!) and it has 25% less sugar than other kid yogurts. Less sugar in my kids? I can live with that!


4 responses to “If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right

  1. Now THAT is a great ad for the DVR. I have to admit that I’ve been quite happy with my old VCR , but when I read argument #2, you hooked me. Hmmmm…DVR…..I’m thinking about it… It would be nice to have my friends stop mocking me!

  2. I enjoy that I can program my DVR to record all of the obscure “educational” programs that air at odd hours. A MythBusters marathon or a dose of hillbilly history is available anytime I feel the need to “learn”.

  3. My in-laws have this and it’s fabulous. One of these days we’re going to have to get some kind of TV subscription and we will DEFINITELY be getting a DVR. No letting kids loose with the remote.

  4. Forgot to answer the question. Currently if our DVD player or VCR died this minute, I would load the kids up in the rain in their pjs and go get another one at Walmart. Some of their movies are on DVD and some on tape, so we need both of them to be functional.

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