When Your Pet is a Genius

Why write about your kids when your pet provides such exciting fodder for posts?

As I believe I’ve mentioned, we are thick in the midst of house training Tessie, our gorgeous Cockapoo puppy. I’ve read lots of books and articles on this, and tomorrow we are even attending a free “Potty Training” seminar at our local Petsmart, which should be interesting.

One (or possibly more – it’s hard to keep them straight now) of the things I read about house training suggested hanging some bells by the door you use to take your dog out to “go”, and give the bells a little ring every time you take them out. Well, a friend sent me some bells, which arrived on Saturday. SInce then I’ve been faithfully giving a little jingle every time we head outside. I did have to raise them up on the second day because she was playing with them. But she’s left them alone since.

Until last night. When she rang the bells after we’d eaten dinner. She even had to reach up a bit to do it. So I let her out. And lo, she peed!

Today she has rung those bells on three separate occasions – the first time she headed out and pooped, and the next two times she peed! Isnt she a genius?? And can you believe you are reading a post about dog shit?

3 responses to “When Your Pet is a Genius

  1. HECK I still can’t get my collie to ring the bell (but he does have a large bladder so he can hold it). When he needs to go out he gives me the I need to go out look. Which is great if I am home — but anyone else …

  2. That’s an excellent idea, especially for a small dog. Our big dog has trouble walking and absolutely hates going outside, so he can hold it for around 24 hours. It’s pretty amazing.
    I’ll keep that in mind when we get another puppy. THe Mountain Man is itching for another Golden Retriever.

  3. And yes, she is a genius. I’ve heard that cockapoos were pretty smart dogs. She’s very pretty, too.

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