A Seed is Planted

We had a very busy and fun weekend. Our good friends visited us for the first time in 3 years (usually we visit them). Susie, who I love like a sister, and her two girls the same age as mine (Greta and Kaylee) came, along with their new puppy, (Koby), who is only 9 days older than Tessie. Her husband stayed home with the three teenage kids, who would have been bored, bored bored!

They arrived about 7:30 on Thursday evening and Tessie immediately became frightened at the sight of Koby, who is no bigger than she is. He had been in the car for 7 hours so was very happy to finally be running around. She, in turn, peed while trying to melt herself into my leg. I was not terribly surprised since she is extremely submissive and cowers at puppy class, although at home she is quite active and content. However, it only took 10 minutes or so before the two puppies were frolicking madly about the house. We had so much fun just watching them. I will be very interested to see if any of that has an affect on Tessie’s approach to puppy class tomorrow night.

The weather here was perfect all weekend, and the four girls had a ball playing outside – Kaylee (5), even rode a 2-wheeler for the first time! Tessie and Koby anxiously awaited each other’s appearance each morning and were inseparable, acting like siblings fighting over the same toy. We were really very entertained by them. And I realized how much fun it can be to have two dogs….a seed has been planted. We’ll see if it grows.

Susie was also impressed and not a little jealous that Tessie is consistently ringing the bells to go outside to pee. Frankly, so am I! Now that we are three weeks into this house training thing, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Susie also helped me fence in a section of yard off my deck so I can just open the door for Tessie without having to phyiscally take her out each time. This will be especially wonderful as the weather gets colder in these here parts!

Susie, Greta and Kaylee left at 8:00 this morning for their long drive back, and I spent the morning doing laundry that had piled up while they were here. After lunch the girls and I took Tessie on a hike nearby along a river which tired them all out. Krystal fell asleep on the couch watching the Red Sox lose abysmally to the Rays before I realized it and got the girls to bed, an hour earlier than usual.

And now I am sitting on that same couch with a laptop on my lap, a puppy warming my leg, enjoying the first alone time I’ve had in four days. Visiting friends are a gift, and so is the space they leave when they go.

Right now the plan is for us to visit them the week between Christmas and New Years and we all can’t wait!


One response to “A Seed is Planted

  1. That sounds like a fabulous time. And really two dogs are easier than one dog, once you get past the potty training. Because they have each other to play with during the day, they aren’t as frantic when you get home.

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