What the Hair to do?

I am hair challenged. I suppose it all started when I was 6 years old and about to enter first grade. My mother was giving me a little trim when the phone rang. Being the eager-beaver-people-pleaser I was, I picked up the scissors to continue the job. Which had to be finished off at a salon in a fairly drastic way. I was mistaken for a boy for years afterwards.

Nearly 40 years later I tend to go in cycles. I’ll let it grow (for me, shoulder length is pretty long), it will drive me batty, and I’ll get it cut. I go round and round like this.

The last stylist I went to was really cautious in her cutting style. “Baby steps” she would say. Well, when I leave a salon (and drop nearly $100, including color) I want to look different! So after seeing her 3-4 times, I stopped going, and have been growing out my bangs for the last 6 months or so. I did get a trim about 3 months ago at a “drive through” hair cuttery, but asked them to leave my bangs alone.

Well, I succeeded in growing my bangs out.

Why was I doing this again? All I do is tuck it behind my ears to keep it out of my eyes and let me tell you, that is not an attractive look on me.

I have an appointment on Monday at an Aveda salon (yes, $$$$) and am hoping someone can create a “look” for me. I’m not too picky – give me an easy to take care of style that doesn’t leave me looking like a boy. In other words, no expensive repeat of my 6 year old style.


2 responses to “What the Hair to do?

  1. That’s where I am, too. I have been growing my hair out for a couple of years, partly because a couple of friends of mine say my face is too round for short hair. But I am sick to death of it and its mind-of-its-own waves. Good luck at the salon. Maybe next trip, I’ll have the guts to ask for a “style.”

  2. My hair never looks the same from one month to the next and I went through a period right after DeBoy was born where bad hair was the order of my life. I had it grown out pretty long, but DeBoy was constantly trying to rip it off my head, so I cut off the ponytail and sent it to Pantene so they could make wigs for cancer patients. I kept it just kind of all one length right at my chin for about 6 months, then I went to Walmart and told her to chop it all off as short as Jamie Lee Curtis. And it works. The only problem is that I do have to get it cut right at every 4 weeks (which is a problem both for time and money) otherwise I start looking more like Ty Pennington. But I may never have it long again. I wash it, towel dry it and go. I don’t even have to brush it.

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