Updates on my personal life – eek!


My newly developed Facebook addiction has resulted in my becoming “Friends” with lots of current and former co-workers (primarily), a few high school friends, several fellow bloggers, and more than one man I was previously “involved” with, if you get my meaning (some of whom I found, others who found me — and it’s all OK).

And tonight I found the elusive high school classmate that I completely dissed when he invited me to the prom. I didn’t send him a Friend request – just a private note giving some basic information and asking if it were the right person. But I’m pretty sure it’s him. We’ll see if he responds.

On a separate, but related, note, I’m completely and utterly frustrated with the whole eHarmony experience. Men aren’t even looking at my profile, let alone responding to anything. Since they aren’t even looking I can’t take it personally, but that only frustrates me more because why don’t they care?? After all, they are paying for this.

Reminder: my speed dating event is this Wednesday, October 29th! Another “eek!”

Update on Mr. Elusive – not only did he respond to my email confirming it is him, he sent me a Facebook friend request, which I have accepted. I am only his second Facebook friend (and he is married), and now I need to decide what to do with my guilty feelings! Spill? Or let it go?

2 responses to “Updates on my personal life – eek!

  1. I have a wonderful, talented, bright 50ish yo single friend who tried eHarmony a couple of times without ANY success. She has been very disappointed with it. I’m so glad I’m married and in love.

  2. Let it go. He’s obviously forgiven if not forgotten (and probably that too). We’re all idiots in high school and feel guilty about a lot of it. It’s not like it was a couple of years ago.
    Here’s hoping the speed dating is fun. I’ve never heard that much about eHarmony so I don’t know how to assess the problem.

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