Spies Among Us

Tonight I was in the living room, where our dog Tessie’s crate is, and was distracted. OK, so I was on the computer, but either way, I was not paying close attention to what the dog or the children were up to.

Until I heard Tessie whining, and looked up to see she was locked in her crate. Which is not where she should have been at that particular moment. The girls quite literally pointed their fingers at each other in blame, and so I did the only reasonable thing – I sent them both to time out.

In the timeout they took lemons and made lemonade, turning it into a game. They made capes out of blankets and put on sunglasses. When I let them out of timeout Krystal came skulking down into the kitchen where I was making dinner, furtively writing in a little notebook.

Then she confessed they were spies, and had been spying on me, taking notes on my appearance and habits.

Krystals’ Spy Notebook revealed the following “facts” about me:

  • Brown hair
  • Brown shoes
  • Interesting food  (she meant I like food she doesn’t like)
  • Asks questions
  • Big fan of Patriots
  • Has Mickey earrings
  • Love kids
  • Has a dog
  • She stinks (???? – I thought she meant smell, but she actually meant my rules do not meet with her approval)
  • Blue jeans
  • A sweatshirt that says “Lost” (as in the TV show – yes I’m a very big fan, but in my defense, it was a gift)
  • She calls herself a mom
  • She yells at her children (sadly, this is true)
  • Brown eyes
  • Short hair
  • She’s very interesting and annoying (sounds just like Krystal)
  • Has a computer
  • Very tired  (Always!)
  • A little odd (What the ?????)
  • Very funny
  • Very fast
  • Likes to talk on the phone (not technically true, but I do ask for peace and quiet when I am on the phone)

It’s always enlightening to see how others see you. Especially your children!


One response to “Spies Among Us

  1. I’m sure I’ll be the subject of a similar list as soon as the Queen figures out how to spell all the words. She told me the other day I was very mean because I didn’t let them do things that would cause them to get hurt. We can’t win.

    And what is it about the phone? Both of mine can be in another room playing quietly, but as soon as the phone rings, suddenly they need my undivided attention.

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