Like a Minnow Swimming Upstream….

Or something like that…..

I have not talked politics on this blog – so many others do it so much better, and it’s really not my area of expertise. But I stayed up till the official projection last night, and quite literally got tingles reading some of the articles I saw at various online outlets today. I feel a quiet sense of celebration at the victory of Barack Obama. The significance of his victory will reverberate through this country forever, and it is way overdue. In so many ways, the most progessive country on earth is backwards when it comes to race and gender. I’m thrilled to see such a momentous step forward in that regard.

Nearly all the bloggers I follow, of those who have mentioned their political leanings, have come out in support of Obama. I feel like I belong with my fellow bloggers, even though I know none of them in real life.

In my Facebook world, where I know everyone in real life except the bloggers I’ve “friended”, everyone has expressed strong distaste for Obama. Since the projection last night, the sense of doom many have expressed has been extreme, and seems almost laughable. I definitely feel like a little minnow swimming upstream.

Barack Obama cannot do it alone. We must all do our part, even those who did not vote for him. I hope he surrounds himself with wise people who are not afraid. I look forward to what is in store.


3 responses to “Like a Minnow Swimming Upstream….

  1. Amen, sister.

  2. COME ON honey — even folks that were being interviewed by O’REILLY said that we have to stand behind the new president.

  3. The Mountain man and I are surrounded by McCain supporters who are predicting all kinds of doom and gloom now that Obama has been elected (forgetting that our red state has NOT been rewarded by the Republicans for consistently voting for their party). But I announced how happy I was over it and they at least stopped talking about it in front of me. 🙂

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