Darkness Does Not Become Us

I realize this post is a few days late, but it’s been a little busy around here, what with the election and all.

I am here to gripe about the “Fall Back” part of Daylight Savings.

I hate it.

There, I said it. On Sunday many of my friends were practically giddy about the extra hour they had. But I am here to say that when you have young children, it’s just another hour you have to entertain them, and what is UP with it getting dark so freaking early in the afternoon?

Not that there is anything new or unique about this year. No, not at all. I’m just tired of it.

And the most depressing part is that the way we are now is the way it’s “supposed” to be. We’re now in “Standard Time”. It’s the “Spring Ahead” piece that is monkeying with nature. I definitely prefer having more light later in the day than when I am still likely to be in bed in the morning.

Some parts of the US do not observe Daylight Savings (Hawaii and most of Arizona). I live in the eastern portion of my time zone, but I did spend three years in the western part of the time zone. It was nice having it stay light later all year round. Given my druthers, I’d like to live in the western part of my time zone again. Daylight is good. Yes, it’s the same number of hours of daylight, but I like having it skewed later in the day.

Starting the countdown to Spring Ahead, scheduled for March 8, 2009.


2 responses to “Darkness Does Not Become Us

  1. I prefer the extra hour of light at the end of the day too. Yes, it is nice to have it lighter when I wake up, but I don’t like driving home in the dark and having the “night” start so early.

  2. I ranted about the time change last fall and in the spring, so I didn’t do it again, but I TOTALLY agree with you. That extra hour really isn’t because it’s just the hour they stole from us in the spring. And the kids didn’t get the memo about that extra hour of sleep.

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