First First Date

I had my first first date in more than seven years last night.

It was with one of the men I met at the speed dating event I did last week. In fact, it was with the man whose children live in LA and who I liked, except for the whole relocation thing.  I had marked him a “No” because of that, but he marked me a “Yes”, and so I contacted him and we emailed a few times. He even found me on Facebook.

It took scheduling contortions to rival that of Oprah’s personal assistant to arrange a time to meet, and finally we did. We met for drinks and appetizers at a nice restaurant downtown that I’d never actually been to. I had a new sitter, a teenager from the neighborhood, from 6-8. I figured this would give me and the girls a short, awake time frame to try out a teen sitter, and provide a pre-defined end time for a first date. If it was miserable, there was only a short time to suffer though, and if it went well, it would leave us wanting more, which I think is a good way to end a first date.

It went well. In fact, I didn’t get home till almost 8:30. I was almost a pumpkin!

I had told the girls I was going out with a friend, but Krystal is no dummy and she has already decided that this friend must be a “boyfriend” and she is teasing me mercilessly. I have given away nothing. In fact, as much as will be possible, I’d like to delay any interaction between him and my girls until we’ve had a chance to see if this will be a “relationship”. Given the logistics of my life (and the price of babysitters) that may not be possible for as long as I’d like, but it’s definitely on my mind.

Up next: major layoffs announced at my company to begin soon, through January. I have no idea if I’ll be directly affected, but it is a tremendous concern.


One response to “First First Date

  1. hooray for a great start!
    And boo on the layoffs. I have been there myself. Hopefully you will not be adversely affected (although you’re bound to be affected to some extent as it’s where you work). Sending good karma in your general nor’easterly direction.

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