Weekend Wrap-up

Some things that happened over the weekend:

  • On Saturday we raked the leaves out of Tessie’s little fenced area, and most of the rest of the backyard.
  • On Sunday when we got up there were at least half again as many leaves as we had raked up. Really, why bother?
  • Watched a pretty darn decent Patriots team defeat the Bills, 20-10. Tom, who?  No, but seriously, we miss Tom Brady, but everyone is stepping up. Way to be a team. I’m nearly as proud as if I were on the team. Or their mothers. Which is actually possible. Yikes!
  • Made apple crisp with the girls. They got to learn what a pastry cutter is. I think the one I have might be an antique.
  • During the raking Tessie discovered she can leap through the railings surrounding my deck, and remembered it in earnest on Sunday. After chasing after her on three separate occasions, I made the executive decision that she will be leashed until I can put up the same sort of stuff I have under the deck. Cause I need one more thing to do.
  • Friday night I went to a Silpada jewelry party at my oldest friend’s house. She lives in the next town but this the first time we’ve seen each other in six months. Pretty pathetic, huh? I didn’t buy any jewelry – $40 for a pair of earrings is just too rich for me. However, that is what I paid the sitter.
  • Oh, I also worked for three hours on Saturday afternoon. At my job. Which I hope I still have at this time next week.

Them there’s the highlights – did you do anything worth noting over the weekend?


2 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. Grocery shopping and housecleaning and cooking yesterday, rehearsal most of today. Not a bad way to pass the weekend.

  2. To answer the question, no. The Mountain Man worked their annual Repair Affair on Saturday. Both my days were spent as pretty much every other day is. Laundry, dishes, etc.
    I’m cooking chili tonight, which is a departure. Usually he cooks dinner. I’m trying to keep the fire in the stove from going out. This is the first time we’ve needed to keep it going during the daytime.

    (My Titans are undefeated. Now that I’ve said that out loud they won’t win another game. 🙂 Vandy went 5-0 for their first 5 games and I started paying attention. Now they’re 5-4.)

    My kids LOVE using the pastry cutter when they make biscuits with their daddy. Ours aren’t antiques though. We do have three antique egg beaters that belonged to various of his great-grandmothers.

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