Second Date

I have a second date coming up. It’s November 22nd.

I’ll have to give this guy a name — let’s call him Gary. We were chatting online Sunday afternoon (I didn’t mention that in my Weekend Wrap-up post, did I?) and he invited me to an “annual concert and buffet” that is to benefit the Greater Boston Foodbank. It is being sponsored by a radio station that I don’t listen to. But one of the artists featured is one I like, or used to anyway. I do own a Paula Cole CD. If you click the link you will see that album is from 1996, so it’s not like I’ve been stockpiling her music. Anyway!

Again, I must do some pretty fancy shuffling to free myself up to go on any date at all, and I’m still in the middle of that.

After looking into this event a bit more, I’ve come to the conclusion that the attire to be worn is probably quite a bit nicer than I am accustomed to wearing. Or owning, for that matter. I am having no small amount of stress over this! I am basically a jeans girl, and while I do enjoy dressing up on occasion, it’s not my usual. I don’t own any stylish shoes, and my nice-ish dresses are more suited to spring or summer rather than late November in New England. Even if I could justify buying an outfit to wear, I would have no idea what to buy!

Then, I found out how much the tickets to this thing cost. They are $75 each! I realize it’s a benefit and a good cause and all, but I’m having trouble reconciling how much money he is spending on me. On a second date!

I think most if not all of my readers are happily marrieds, but if anyone has any advice on what they think might be appropriate to wear, or really anything about this whole thing, I’d love to hear it!

Update (somewhat) on attire issue – Gary just sent me an email that he called the radio station sponsoring the event to ask about the dress, and this is what he reports: “dress, just like a night out for a nice dinner”. I thought it was very sweet that he went out of his way to call and ask!


2 responses to “Second Date

  1. I wouldn’t flip out too much about the cost. The charity might be important to him, and so he might think that it’s worth it, and he might really want to bring a date.

    As for what to wear/buy. I have a couple of jumpers and *TWO* dresses. I have one black dress and one brown dress. I dress them up or down with scarves (I don’t hardly wear jewelry but I might buy some if I were exactly in your shoes — my shoes are usually birks or crocs, and I have a pair of Uggs for winter). So you might have something spring or summer in your closet that might be able to be dressed up with a jacket or scarf. OR if you buy something buy something flexible.

  2. I imagine part of that cost is tax deductible, too. He sounds like a very considerate person!

    I live in jeans and tennis shoes myself, so I would be in quite the dilemma here. I recently bought a nice brown dress after my Grandfather died and I had absolutely NOTHING appropriate for a funeral (if I wear black to a funeral home they might mistake me for a body).

    I agree with Rambling Mom – see what you have that might be paired with a nice jacket or something. And if you go shopping, make sure it’s something you could wear again.

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