Good News, Bad News

Welcome to Wednesday. In an effort to lighten up what has been a very bad day for me, I’m taking a stab at a “Good News, Bad News” installment. Here goes.

Good News: I still have a job.

Bad News: Many, many people around me do not. Not only has it been an incredibly sad day as each new name surfaces, it has been stressful, wondering if my name is next. And of course the aftermath of picking up the workload these folks carried. And wondering when the next round will be, and who among us will still be here after that too. OK, that is SO not light.

Good News: Tessie is doing awesome at the house training thing. She consistently rings the bells at the door when she needs to go out (amaze your friends and neighbors!).

Bad News: Every time she enters Krystal and Belles room she pees. She actually seems to head for their room to pee. At first I thought it was the fuzzy white throw rug she was attracted to, so I took that out. But she still does it. And yes, I clean and spray the neutralizer stuff after. Any thoughts?

Good News: Tessie is doing awesome at the house training thing. (yeah, I know I already said that, but some things are really good)

Bad News: Tessie needs to get up in the middle of the night to do her thing, and way too early in the morning too. She is four months old. How long till I can expect her to go a full night (8-9 hours)?

Good News: I’m looking forward to my second date (a friend has dresses she is going to let me borrow – yay friends!).

Bad News: I still don’t have a babysitter. Gary and I joked that we would just leave them in the car. It was a joke! And I said I’d just put them to bed early that night and they’d never know I was gone. Again, a joke, people!

Good News: I still have a job. And I’m healthy. And my kids are healthy. And we have friends and family who love us and would help us if the first sentence were no longer true and we needed it.

Bad News: I got nothing. Sometimes you just have to hold on to the good news.


One response to “Good News, Bad News

  1. Tessie is a LITTLE dog. Give her another 2-3 months for the all night thing. I have no clue what to do about the peeing in their room, other than keeping the door closed.

    I’m sorry about your work situation. The relief of keeping your job is always overshadowed by the loss of friends and coworkers and worrying about them.

    But I’m very tickled that there is more good news than bad news. And that is a very good thing indeed. (oh, wait, doesn’t Martha say that?)

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