Woods, Decisions, Water, Jobs, Snow & Beds

I got this idea from Thursday Thunks, which presents new questions every, you guessed it, Thursday, that you can answer any way you like (prose, photos, poetry, etc). Here are this week’s questions, and my answers:

1. Have you ever pooped in the woods?

Yes, I have. Aside from camping (wherein I’ve always had access to a toilet or porta-potty), and being in the field when I was in the Army, I’ve also had to find a tree on several long runs when I was doing marathon training. I found running to be quite the laxative. It started happening so frequently that I learned to take toilet paper with me. I’m happy to report that the shorter runs I do now do not have the same effect.
2. You are starving. You have not had anything to eat for days. In front of you is poison ivy, a live hissing cockroach, and a rotten stinky piece of some sort of mystery meat to eat. Which would you pick and why?

This is a tough question! At first I was going to say the cockroach, because at least it isn’t poison and it’s fresh (I would kill it first though). But if I were starving, with no other food on the horizon in the forseeable future, I’d probably need protein. So I’d go for the mystery meat. But I’d probably have to hold my breath and close my eyes while I ate it. Then again, I’ve never been truly starving, so maybe I’d just gobble it up.
3. Bottled or Tap water?

I’m not picky – either is fine.

4. Your dream job, what would it be and why?

My dream job would be to write books. I’d love to go on research trips for the locales I’d feature, interview people in professions or with hobbies I chose to write about, and then hole myself up to let the creativity flow. Oh, and I’d like to be monetarily successful at it. The appeal to me is learning new things, owning my schedule and using creativity.

5. Do you have any snow globes?

My girls have one my mom got them a few years ago and I used to have a few cheapie ones as a kid. But not really.
6. Do you like your bed? If not, what kind of bed do you want?

I LOVE my bed! When I was married my ex bought a Tempur-Pedic bed for us, which he subsequently took with him when he moved out a few months later. I loved that bed from the first night, and knew I had to have my own. However, I couldn’t afford the TP prices, so found a knock-off on eBay for about a quarter the price. I’ve had it over three years now and I love it just as much. I love the firmness, the cushionyness (is that a word?). Krystal calls is a “squishy” bed, and both girls love it too. I love how it cradles me, yet supports me. I can’t imagine ever having a traditional bed again.


4 responses to “Woods, Decisions, Water, Jobs, Snow & Beds

  1. Excellent answers! Thanks for playing!

  2. ROFL at #1!! Too funny!

  3. wow, that’s an odd affect I’d never heard of for your #1. LOL@#2…
    Great Answers! Have a happy Thursday :o)

  4. That’s an interesting assortment of questions. Yes to #1, while backpacking. Your answer just reinforces my aversion to running.
    #2 is hard – I think I’d have to actually be in the situation to know. Right now, given those choices, starving sounds preferable. So obviously I can’t judge accurately.
    #3 – If you come visit us you are not allowed to drink the tap water in this town. Tap water that comes out in a pale brown color is NOT potable. But I don’t need fancy water. The gallon jugs at the grocery store are fine.
    #4 – A career in Broadway musicals. And during breaks I want to read your books.
    #5 – two small ones with Tigger and Eeyore, and a replica of the globe of St Paul’s Cathedral from “Mary Poppins”
    #6 – No, it’s old and worn out, but we’re not getting a new one until everyone is completely potty trained or at least stays in their own beds.

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