Just Say No to Sleepovers

Krystal has always been a good sleeper. So good in fact, that she has been known to fall asleep at the dinner table on more than one occasion. If she didn’t have a sister who was a close relation to the Energizer Bunny, she might sleep till noon, ala teenagers. In short, this is a kid who needs her sleep.

She has a good friend in the neighborhood, and on the weekends she and the friend (whose name is the same as Belle’s, coincidentally enough, but since we’re using pseudonyms anyway, I’ll call the neighbor kid Bridget to avoid confusion) typically spend their days playing together as much as Bridget’s parents and I allow. They spend a few hours at our house, head to Bridget’s, and back again, alternating as their whims send them all weekend long.

Yesterday, late afternoon, Bridget’s mom, whose name is also Ragtop Day (I know! Can you believe it?!?) called to ask if Krystal could spend the night.** I hesitated at first, mostly because it was unexpected, and I know how much Belle depends on Krystal’s presence, and frankly, without her around, the house is a little emptier. But I didn’t think those were really good enough reasons to say no to something I knew would make Krystal happy, and so I said yes.

Note to self: Listen to your first instinct.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – Krystal had a great time. When she arrived home this morning she was all about the attitude with me, and after an afternoon birthday party she is all but walking catatonic. As I write this it is 5:30 pm and she is nodding off on the couch. Bedtime is right around the corner, because I will make it that way.

Just because they get invited to sleep over doesn’t mean you have to let them. Some kids are cut out for it, mine isn’t. At least not yet.

**This is not her first sleepover, but it seems to be the one with the worst side-effects.


2 responses to “Just Say No to Sleepovers

  1. i HATE sleepovers. i don’t like my kids to sleep out. and…i don’t like when kids sleep over. because…i’m left with crabby zombie whiny infantile brats. and…i don’t like crabby zombie whiny infantile brats!!!

  2. I’ve had a couple of people throw out the idea and ignored it. Neither of my kids sleeps well as it is, and getting them away from home makes it worse. I know the time will come but I’m going to delay it as long as possible.

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