Cost of a Second Date

If you don’t count our first six-minute meeting as a first date (and I don’t), then Gary and I have our second date coming up this Saturday night. We have spent quite a bit of time, considering my personal schedule, doing the whole instant message, e-mail and phone call thing. It’s starting to feel a little like a relationship. A little.

This second date, as I’ve mentioned, is a charity benefit dinner at a hotel outside of Boston. I’m just a teeeeensy bit concerned about how dressed up I’ll need to be, even though he called the sponsor of the event which reported that we should dress “for a nice dinner out”.

Well, I don’t really do a lot of “nice dinners out”. And certainly not on a second date! But a friend loaned me three dresses, and I’m still trying to decide which one I like the best, and feels the best. But that still leaves:

Shoes – I own a pair of low heeled black pumps which is probably what I’ll wear, and end up looking far too frumpy in. But I don’t feel comfortable in higher heels, and Gary is only about 5 inches taller than me anyway, so I don’t want to zoom up too far. Total – no money, only stress (so far)

Make-up – I don’t wear it, but I bought some: mascara, foundation, lipstick and eye shadow (CVS was having a BOGO sale, what can I say?) I do need to practice a little beforehand though. Total – $15

Clutch Bag – I don’t really carry a purse, and even if I did, it probably would be out of place at an event like this. Total – $15

Earrings/Necklace – OK, so I didn’t really need this, and maybe I’ll return it. But I bought a “diamond” earring/necklace set at Target this morning that will look great. Total $12

Nylons – It’s been so long since I wore any, I had to buy some. Total $3

Babysitter – this is where it gets hairy. What would you pay a 16 year old girl (the daughter of my closest friend from college)? I pay the 13 year old down the street $5 an hour and the adult I have used after hours $10 an hour. I was thinking closer to the $5 rate for the 16 yo, but my friend (her mother) said she thought her daughter would think that was too low, and suggested more like $8. And I’m thinking if that’s the case that this will be a one time thing! Isn’t that more than she would make at a “real” job? Where they take out taxes and everything? (I should also add that friend and her daughter live in the hoity-toity town while we live in the blue collar “city”).  Total: roughly 6 hours at whatever rate I end up paying, let’s call it $50

Grand Total: $95

Yikes! I’m not sure I’m glad I did this adding-up thing, since I’ll probably also offer to pay for any cocktails we have, since he is springing for the $75 pp tickets to this thing. A pretty expensive second date!

The thought of a kiss at the end of the evening?



3 responses to “Cost of a Second Date

  1. Shoes — if *I* were to be wearing heels I’d be tottering around like a clumsy oaf — which doesn’t look too sophisticated so don’t feel bad about the low heels. Just hold yourself tall.

    The rest of the clothing (except the nylons) sounds like you can use it again so it’s not a waste.

    Babysitting costs are so different by region. If you get a chance at the bus stop or pick up line you can ask other moms what they pay.

    Have fun — and fill us in.

  2. Black pumps go with everything and you’ll look better if you’re wearing things you feel comfortable in.

    I haven’t yet tried to hire a babysitter (we have friends who are ready for grandchildren who enjoy watching them for an evening. We have them over to dinner later in the week).
    But yeah, $8 seems high to me. I used to babysit. I remember being quite happy coming home with $5 after watching 2 kids for 5 hours. Of course, that was 1976 . . .

  3. We haven’t hired a sitter in years, but DD3 typically makes about $8/hour for babysitting 2 kids. One of our friends pays $12/hr for his 3 kids but I think that’s on the high side (he and his wife are both Dr’s). I think DD2 makes between $8-12/hr for her various babysitting jobs (she has one family with 4 kids and they are the $12).
    Yes, its definitely not like when we were young and sitters actually made LESS than minimum wage!!

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