Deep Purple

I got a call from a florist at work this morning, wanting to verify the building address I work in as they had a delivery for me.

Flowers? For me??

I had two hours to wonder what on earth was the occasion! And when they arrived, I was delighted with them:


Sunday evening Gary called and the first thing he said was, “What’s your favorite color?”  I said, “Well, it depends on the context! Are we talking to wear, to paint a room, what?” He was astounded that I might have different favorite colors depending on which way the wind might be blowing in East Topeka next Wednesday, but hey, I’m a girl. I finally decided on purple, but I had a hard time describing the shade – he asked violet? and I said, no more like eggplant, but not quite.

Later on in the conversation the musical group Deep Purple came up, and I said I was not familiar with any particular songs they had done, but I sang a line from a song called Deep Purple – I didn’t know who sang it, though I was pretty sure it wasn’t the group. I said I’d check them out on iTunes and he suggested the song “Smoke on the Water” (are you following all this?)

The next day I sent him an email with the subject “Deep Purple” and said I had listened to the free 30 second clip of “Smoke on the Water” on iTunes, and while I was familiar with the beat, the lyrics didn’t ring any bells. And the musical style was a bit “harder” than I typically like. But I also shared that the song I had been referring to was sung by Nino Tempo and April Stevens – who knew?

The card that came with the flowers said simply, “Deep Purple”.

Until I read the note I was wondering whether to be charmed or freaked out. I’m choosing charmed for now.


3 responses to “Deep Purple

  1. Oh, I would definitely go with charmed, at least for now. That is a GORGEOUS arrangement…

  2. Charmed, definitely. Those purple calla lilies are divine.

  3. awww, my heart just melted a little bit for you!

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