More School Drama

Krystal’s best friend in school this year has caused some real drama at home. Each night when I pick her up it’s a total crap shoot how her day has gone, depending on how she was treated by a kid I’ll call Kalisa. It is a classic love-hate relationship, and I cringe at some of the manipulative things Krystal reports back. Apparently Kalisa also gets in trouble with the teacher often for talking too much, not following instructions and being generally unruly in class. Which is so not Krystal. Really! Well, except for the talking too much part.

Anyway, last night Krystal reported that Kalisa’s mother came to school for a meeting with the teacher about “her behaviors”. I commented that perhaps it would be best if she didn’t spend quite so much time with her at school, since bad behavior has a way of rubbing off.

After I explained what that meant, Krystal asked, “Is that why I’ve been being so mean to you?”

“Hmmm, maybe,” I replied.

Which didn’t occur to me before. Is it possible that the massive attitude I’ve been getting is really caused (at least in part) by this rogue kid? Or is it a normal (albeit maddening) developmental stage I have to somehow live through?

Well, either way I guess Krystal is thinking about it. Awareness is the first step!

I have a conference scheduled with her teacher for Monday during which I hope to get the teacher’s eye view on this kid and the relationship. Krystal reports that Kalisa is quite skilled at causing trouble when the teacher isn’t looking, but in my experience, teachers usually know.


2 responses to “More School Drama

  1. Oh my. I’m so sorry she’s dealing with this kind of crap already. But my goodness how mature of her to ask that question!

  2. scary stuff, I so hope I can handle myself as well when my time comes…

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