November 20 is not Christmas

But tell that to the Christmas Tree vendors who have already set up in our area!


This sign first appeard on November 20th, but it wasn’t till the 22nd that I was able to remember to bring my camera and snap a photo as I drove past. Yes, I took this while I was driving. And my children were in the car. But I swear I was safe as can be!

I know a lot of folks have a tradition to put up their tree the day after Thanksgiving. I am not one of them (two weeks before seems about right to me), but even if you are, isn’t a full week before Thanksgiving a bit much??

Aye yay yay…..

One response to “November 20 is not Christmas

  1. There are people here who completely decorate on November 1st. Lights and all. I try not to look at them. We generally START decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving, because it will take us well into December to get all the lights up (most of our lights require tall ladders).

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